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Die Cut Tape

Die Cut Tape

Die Cut Tape

Die Cut Tape

Die Cut Tape

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As industry advances, products and applications change and the expectations of adhesive tapes rises year on year. With this, adhesive tape manufacturers constantly strive to produce product that is technically more capable than its predecessor. From a converters point of view this poses challenges on a daily basis. Ensuring industry has access to these tapes in die cut, laminated and other converted formats is critical in any supply chain.


Here at Tape Range we pride ourselves on keeping up with such advances.



Our ability to produce and supply converted product in formats that enhance productivity and reduce waste, all without compromising the adhesive tapes properties is our primary objective. Working to technical drawings and to stringent deadlines, we produce quality die cut tapes and converted films at the most competitive prices.


Working together with our manufacturing partners and promoting their branded products in converted format, we have solved some of the most challenging conversion applications to date. To offer an insight into our capabilities we list a selection of our in-house processes and the benefits to having your product converted with us.


Conversion Overview


To take a master roll of adhesive tape, rubber or film and cut to a desired width.


Die Cut

To produce intricate shapes and standard sized pads on a secondary release liner – presented either as individual units or components on the roll.



To take any two substrates – one being self adhesive – and bond together to produce a bespoke laminate.



To take any none or self adhesive product and trim to a desired width and length.



To apply a secondary oversized release liner to any self adhesive product.



To pierce films or adhesive tapes to assist in end user applications.


Crack Back

To underscore a secondary release or an adhesive tapes original liner, to facilitate easy removal.



To take a long length roll of material and reel down to a shorter length on a designated core size.


Converted Product Advantages

There are many benefits to having a standard self adhesive or non-adhesive product converted into a bespoke component. The main advantages are as follows:

  • Reduces waste
  • Enhances the aesthetics of a finished product
  • Eliminates the need for manual labour
  • Makes a product more user friendly
  • Matches receiving components exactly

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