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Electronic Tapes

Electronic Tapes

Electronic Tapes

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The electronics and trace heating industries rely heavily on adhesive tapes for masking, securing and protecting applications. With technology moving at a rapid pace and devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras becoming ever more technologically advanced the need to produce die cut tapes for the construction of these devices has never been so prevalent.

At Tape Range we are continuously working with the world’s largest adhesive tape manufacturers to address this ever-changing market and produce intricate die cut components from some of the most technically capable adhesive tape systems. Our distribution of the Permacel range of electronic tapes assists us in this competitive field.


  • Mobile Phone & Digital Camera Construction
  • Masking on PCB Boards
  • Roller Tinning Processes
  • Protection During Wave Soldering
  • Coil Reinforcement
  • Motor Phase Insulation
  • Securing Heat Trace Cables
  • Wire Identification
  • Electric Motor Repair
  • SIM card production

Adhesive Types

  • Silicone – Acrylic Thermosetting – Rubber Thermosetting

Film Types

  • Polyester – Kapton – Glass Cloth – Acetate Cloth – Nomex Paper

Temperature Range

  • Glass Cloth: Class H up to 180oC – Class F up to 155oC – Class B up to 130oC.

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