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Double Sided Foam tape

Double Sided Foam tape

If you currently have a foam, or foam tape enquiry, or you simply fancy picking our brains for your next application, call us. Our friendly sales experts can be reached on 0161 351 9515

Tape Range hold an extensive range of double sided and single sided foam tapes in stock.

Your options are endless in terms of width, thickness, foam type and adhesive properties.

We supply double sided foam tapes for almost every mounting application, ranging from attaching number plates to mounting signs and nameplates. We also supply hard wearing single sided foam tapes for your air sealing, gap filling and anti-vibration application. Perhaps you have an application for non-adhesive foam? - use Tape Range’s non adhesive foams for cushioning, case or box inserts or gym mats.

We purchase our foam products in master log rolls, block and sheet format. From there we convert them in house to your designated width, size, shape and quantity. Our foam and foam tapes can offer various properties which include flame retardant, low odour, UV resistant, moisture and chemical resistant.

Our foam types include PVC, polyethylene, EPDM, Neoprene, closed cell and open cell constructions.

Tape Range offer pre-coated foam tape products or you have the flexibility to choose one of our self-adhesive tapes and we’ll apply it to your chosen foam product. This offers you endless combinations of foam tape products, each offering the ability to satisfy almost any technical application.