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Self Adhesive Tapes for Industry


For over 25 years Tape Range has been a leading UK converter of self-adhesive tapes and foam products. We have invested heavily in specialist converting equipment which enables us to reach and service a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

Renowned for using quality adhesive tapes and offering realistic lead times, we can offer bespoke conversion services specific to your business activities. Our specialist team are on hand to offer free technical advice for your specific project. Call us today on 0161 351 9515.




Tape Slitting

Die Cutting


Band Sawing

Slit & Rewind

Hot Melt Coating



Using our two lamination machines, we’re are able to offer the facility to custom-laminate any two substrates, up to and including 1600mm in width. We can take one of our technical adhesive tapes and laminate it to your material or we can simply offer you that product on a secondary release paper. We also have the facility to strip existing release papers and introduce alternative liners in the same process. Multi lamination is also possible if you’re requirement involves several product types.


We also offer sheet lamination, working with sheet products up to 1600mm wide a 3000mm long. So if you have a lamination enquiry, call us today for advice and a tailored quotation.




Many of our clients have the need for sheets rather than the traditional rolls. Our sheeting machinery enables us to take any self-adhesive or non-adhesive film and sheet to a desired width or length. We can produce sheets up to 1500mm in width, with a maximum length of 2000mm. Most sheets can be produced with a fingerlift edge to facilitate easy removal of secondary release liners.


Smaller sized sheets can also be produced with split release liners, again assisting in end user applications.


Tape slitting


With three fully automated Cevenini log slitters, we’re able to take any master roll and slit down to your desired width. We can supply slit coils of single or double sided foams and tapes, accurately to any width between 2mm and 1500mm - offering a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm. We also have the flexibility of interchangeable mandrels enabling us to custom slit material on 75mm and 25mm core sizes.


Our state of the art machinery is equipped with variable blade angle and speed control, which enables complete accuracy over any bespoke width. We also offer a contract slitting service of your own materials. Contact us for details on price and lead times.


Die Cutting


With four rotary die cutting and two flatbed machines, we are able to produce precision die cut components in either a single presentation or roll format. Using this high speed equipment we can offer quick lead times on any width of product, up to 250mm wide.


If you explain your application we will suggest the most appropriate product for your application and the most cost effective method of converting your needs into reality. Working from your technical drawings we can produce a dedicated component with unbeatable accuracy.




An ever-growing part of our business is the re-winding of our clients materials. Perhaps you purchase your material in bulk and require a more ‘manageable’ roll size? We offer the facility to have yours or one of our products re-wound into smaller length rolls – particularly for retail use/blister packs.


With a selection of core sizes available and an in-house packing service you can have your product converted and sent back from one sole supplier. We also offer the facility to recover materials from damaged cores, enabling your product to be used rather than scrapped.


Band Sawing


With our dedicated band saw machine, we’re able to take master sheets or blocks of foam products and strip them down to any width or sheet dimension you require. We’re able to work with block sizes up to 1.5m(W) x 2m(L) x 1.2m(H) using a combination of fine tooth or large tooth blades.


Working with non-adhesive or self-adhesive foam products, we offer a made to order service with minimal order restrictions and quick lead times. Either free issue your foams for a contract slitting service or speak to our dedicated sales team for strip or block prices on any sponge or rubber product.


Slit and Rewind


Our slit & rewind service is a natural progression from our standard tape slitting service. On many occasions our customers ask us for long length rolls of adhesive tapes - far longer than we can offer using our tape slitting facility. With this process, we can take jumbo rolls of any self-adhesive or non-adhesive product and in-line slit to produce long length output rolls. This is essential for if you’re using adhesive tapes or your material on production lines where changeover times need to be kept to a minimum.


Input roll dimensions are up to 1500mm wide and 750mm od. From there we can produce output rolls at a minimum width of 19mm and a maximum od of 600mm. If you think we can assist in your long length roll requirement call us today for price information.


Hot Melt


Tape Range has the facility to undertake narrow width hot melt coating. We can take your non-adhesive product and coat it with a high tack, rubber based, liquid adhesive. Once applied with a secondary release paper, you can have your product spooled into rolls or sent on to one of our other conversion services.


Traditionally non-woven fabrics and filmic products are coated through this machinery. We can coat your product in any width ranging from 13mm to 100mm in width. If you would like more information on our hot melt coating service and the adhesive used in this process, call today for more information.



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